About Us

We at Grizzly, are not your average kind of bears.  We are Grizzly! 

You have options. You could spend time losing money while your employees learn new skills & keep up with the latest trends or you could hire someone who is already an expert and does it every day for multiple clients.  

You do this because you value your time just like we value ours. 

So we only work with people like you.  

We use the very latest cloud technology and our unique expertise to custom tailor products paired with our team of industry experts to enhance your operation. Our team of experts removes your daily headaches and give you the tools to make better-informed decisions as fast as you can read our charts and recommendations.




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Our journey, and how it affects you

So it started 12 years ago.  It was a fantastic journey going through the fun and games of running a few hotels and restaurants.  Kevin, our CEO, rose through the trials and tribulations finding himself at the helm of a group company.  However, there was a problem.  He just couldn’t get to the point where the group was maximizing its revenue.  He and his finance director, a professional accountant who was the Group Director of Finance, together they broke through the barrier.  They embraced Revenue management and good accounting practices.  They realized that Revenue management was the solution to their problems, but there was no way their group could afford to employ a full-time Revenue Manager. Kevin spent a lot of time learning  and up-skilling in the world of revenue management over the years that followed. 

Grizzly came about because they realized they were not the only ones facing these issues.  The solution was to spend a few hours at each of his properties,  analyzing how to maximize the efficiency of the hotels and restaurants.  He realized that he could also spend a few hours at other peoples hotels remotely helping them using cloud-based technology.  

Fast forward to the present, Grizzly now helps owners of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Nightclubs and Vacation Rentals to maximize their growth by offering outsourced services.  

It often takes one to know one, so capitalize on Grizzly’s experience today, and book a free consultation.


Be Grizzly

To Be Grizzly is to take action with peace of mind. This freedom comes from understanding, confidence, and leads to definitive decision making. How to seize the best of opportunities and pass by the tempting little wins. Being Grizzly is, to not settle for less than you are capable of. It’s having the distinction of being best in class.

You’re not born Grizzly, you become Grizzly.