How we do it together...


Access To Tomorrow’s Industry Technology Today

Competition is fierce in the hospitality industry. Customers want the best deal for the least money and the market is full of companies willing to do whatever it takes to get them.

Who wins?

The business with the best tools. That means the business with the technology of tomorrow. Imagine being able to view analyze your account metrics, market to your guests, allow guests to request services from anywhere with their mobile device, and be able to ensure those requests go to the right departments in no time and all from a single platform.

Would you call that a competitive advantage? Of course you would.

Our partners are cloud based software companies leading the field in the hospitality industry. Through us, you can have access to them.



We’ve made it easier for you to manage guest services and requests with a set of digital tools that give management and staff a range of capabilities. Customize your service by choosing different modules to enhance your experience and give your guests the best the industry has to offer.  

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Touch Bistro

A POS solution that helps restauranteurs make more money, deliver a great customer experience, and take the guess work out of making business decisions.

TouchBistro was designed to make managing your business easier, so you can focus on why you opened your restaurant in the first place.

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Revenue Management (RM)

Squeeze every cent out of your room reservations like the leaders in the market, without the expensive in-house team.

Grizzly’s expertise in revenue management and specialist cloud technology ensures you make the most money from each of your hotel’s rooms or vacation rentals and increase Revenue per available room (RevPAR). Outperform your competitors whilst your strategies follow industry best practices.  You get the most comprehensive data available, and get it lightning fast with our technology-driven methodology.

Here’re a few ways you can improve your bottom line with us:

  • Avoid hiring full time in-house Revenue Management professionals

  • No training, no vacations, no quitting, no management, no healthcare, no headaches! Spend 1/30th of the time, less than ½ the money, and still get better results.

  • Get access to fully certified and accredited experts in RM and the industry’s leading cloud software.

    • People who know what they’re doing using revenue management’s best software. This gets you the most up to-date data in real time and puts it in the hands of people who can mine it for all of its profit producing secrets.

  • Get guided through a bird’s eye view of overall strategy, right through to the gritty details of daily management

    • Our certified experts will work with you to create the perfect strategy to get to where you want to go, iron out the implementation of it, and then roll up their sleeves and work for your bottom line with day to day management.


Meeting and Conference Revenue Management

Stop losing money on your meeting and conference rooms!

The techniques you use to sell your rooms just don’t translate into meeting space sales. Optimizing your figures from your conference space is an entirely new beast. We know how to balance the sizes of the rooms, the wants of the market, the enquiry and the revenue paces by contract status — all crucial to making sure you aren’t leaving money on the table.

Rather than trying to figure it out, those who are taking advantage of our room revenue management can leave this one to us.


Hospitality Accounting Services Done For You

Somebody has to keep track of all of the money we make you!

You could use a portion of it to hire and manage an in-house accounting department. Or you could let Grizzly continue to do what we do best, keep your operations lean and your margins wide. 

No matter the size of your hospitality business (Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Nightclub or Vacation rental), we have exactly the platform that you need and a team certified in advanced cloud-based accounting softwares ready to handle everything. From dealing with the daily bookkeeping details to getting you decision-ready data at record speed, we do it all.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what we offer while ensuring that your business is adhering to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) or the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants:

  • Onboarding

  • Transaction Entry – Daily Sales

  • Transaction Entry – Monthly Purchases

  • Bank & Credit Reconciliations

  • Sales Tax

  • Month End Close

  • Financial Reports & KPIs

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

  • Management Reporting

  • Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Payroll Processing